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Jul 07, 2006


Chuck Currie

Could someone from the United Church of Christ join in? Afterall, we have a common history.

John Wilkins


But first, who will get the hats? Or can you share them?

Bruno Finocchio

finally someone with the message I want to hear


This requires serious thought. How many hats? How pointy? Can everyone wear one? Can women's hats be pointy, too?

It would foster community if everyone was wearing a hat in the ecclesiastical Conga line after dinner.

Sorry to sound flippant, but having a party seems like a better response than endless rounds of hand-wringing over who refuses to walk with whom, and in what order.

Sr. Mary Hasta

I am of the Any Excuse for a Party Party, but I'll be there with bells on if I get to wear a cunning hat.

Tyler Simons

I'm there. Conflicts are to be resolved with a friendly game of Twister. I'd allow a dance contest option, but you'd kick my butt, Salty.

Oooh! Are the Canadian Anglicans invited? We've been feeling a little left out lately. :(

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