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Jul 15, 2006



Surely if the vicar had taken part in any Child Protection training he would have known that kissing was inappropriate behaviour. So who is at fault here - vicar or the church?

David Huff

Freda, you sound as if you're sure it's always inappropriate.

Frankly, if my rector or vicar kissed either of my kids on the head, I wouldn't spend a second worrying about it...


I've heard about some of the rules, including the 'one arm only hug.' But I have to ask, if you hug someone with, say, your right arm, and they hug you back with their right arm, does that not a full hug make? And might it not also be grounds for dismissal?


Ponder this now - after a strange hesitation, President Putin pulls up a little boy's shirt and kisses his stomach and he keeps his job as President of Russia? I'll take the vicar, please.


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