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Aug 26, 2006


J. C. Fisher

Vaya con Dios, Salty!

[And keep us appraised of your projects, as above... :-)]

Willo Boe

Your "salt" is going to be missed. Thank you for writing these past years. As one of your regular readers, I can say that you did, indeed, achieve your set goal. Wishing you God's abundant blessing.

D. C.

Rats. Your work will be missed. I hope you'll keep commenting on T19, though.


Nuts. You mean you're going to raise all those interesting questions and then not blog about your answers?

Thanks for all the intriguing and provocative ideas, and the humour. You've definitely had an impact on the way I think! I hope you have lots of joy in your new projects.


I know this is extremely selfish, but it sucks that you are stopping this.

Will miss you.

Here's something I blogged about quite a while back.

" I do not recollect how I read relicious first , but it sure was a miracle that I clicked on his blogroll and discovered a blog titled Salt. More on what that meant to me and the new blogs later."

Your blog has had an immense impact on the way I think, and my faith too. Thanks for everything

Dave C.

Fr. Salty,

I, too, will miss your postings. You are one of the few Episcopalians who advocates for acceptance of those in same sex relationships into the Episcopate who I actually consider liberal and who actually seems to listen and at least somewhat understand a more conservative view. A lack of listening and considering other view points is I think perhaps the greatest failing of the push for acceptance of homosexuality. I see in many of the bishops and priests a disconnect with many parishoners born of a failure to listen and consider alternative views, or at a minimum a failure to communicate and lay the ground work for what was viewed by many parishoners as a sudden and unfathomable break with scripture and tradition.

Your characterization of fod as static, is, I think a mischaracterization. I see it more as universal. And I have seen no scientific breakthroughs that would alter the basic Christian view of the proper use of sex. There has been much posturing and claims and pseudo-historical analyses that purport that our current cultural understanding of human sexuality somehow negates the biblical understanding, but nothing that I find at all convincing. It is not that I find a first century culture as being the final and definitive word on the way things should be but rather that the precepts and lessons conveyed from that time by Christ and his apostles are as relevant today as they were 2000 years ago because they are not bound to a particular place, time, and people. If the Christian message is bound to culture in the way you seem to suggest, I don't see any way other than a babel of christianities, changing not just with time but with every cultural difference there may be: perhaps we could have one Christianity on the East Coast of the US, another in the Midwest, another for African Americans, Latinos, old people, young people, not to mention in different parts of the world. And if such is the case, where does anyone get off trying to impose their own culturally bound Christianity on anyone else? Shouldn't the North American and European Anglicans stop pushing for a changed view of homosexuality in Africa and elsewhere? Afterall, by and large their culture rejects what TEC and others are advocating.


19My bowels, my bowels! I am pained at my very heart; my heart maketh a noise in me; I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet...
23I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light.
24I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly.
25I beheld, and, lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled.
26I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down...
[Jeremiah 4:19, 23-26]

Thank you so much, for so much. Go in peace.

yours in the struggle,

p.s. Quitter.

David Huff

Awww man... we'll miss you :) I think you have my email, so drop me a line sometime if you have a new site, or answers to those interesting questions above.

Dave C., "And if such is the case, where does anyone get off trying to impose their own culturally bound Christianity on anyone else?"

Heh. Yeah. So please, to all the ACN/AAC/LEAC crowd out there, knock it off - OK ? ;) (and in case it isn't clear, I certainly do think the ACN/AAC/LEAC vision of (somber tone)"The Faith Once Delivered" (somber tone OFF) is as "culturally bound" as any other ;)

Dave C.

So David, whose culture is to "blame" for say the ACN/AAC (I don't know who or what LEAC is) crowd's view that homosexual activity is sinful, since it is a view shared by virtually all Christians at all times and all places with the exception of a segment of late 20th century/ early 21st century Americans and Europeans?

John D

I've never commented, but I have read and enjoyed your work. I have no idea what the resolution of our current unpleasentness will bring to my beloved Episcopal Church, but I know that I am so proud that great portions of the Church have declared solidarity with our gay brothers and sisters. In our post-Christian age, I am certain that we are headed to the New Jerusalem.
Many thanks for your thoughtful thoughts, and G-d bless the work you plan to do.


Peace to you, John. You'll be missed. Stay in touch!

Bill Carroll

Peace to you, G, and blessings for whatever is next.

My new e-mail is linked here.


Rick Jones

Been a regular (as in weekly or more) reader for over 3 years and I find it depressing that you're closing up shop. First Karen Haluza at Raw Faith, then Karen at Kenesis, now you. The more thoughtful voices all seem to think it's not worth the effort anymore.
Yet T19 and David Virtue are still going strong.
What will become of the church of my childhood?

Pisco Sours

I will miss you greatly, Salty! I hope you'll at least keep this site up for the indefnite future!

Tim Tripp

Thanks for thoughtful, compassinate discussions. As a UU, I've really enjoyed reading your view of things spiritual, religious, and political. Your comments and thoughts have helped me live out my own faith and spiritual practices more richly.

J. C. Fisher

Oh, Dave C, Dave C, Dave C: it seems a crime (or at least an unforgivable breach of etiquette) to respond to you on what is McSalt's "Last Post".

Oh, how I wish you could see:

"scripture and tradition" = [Dave C's opinion of]

"basic Christian view of the proper use of sex" = [Dave C's opinion of]

"the biblical understanding" = [Dave C's opinion of]

"the precepts and lessons conveyed from that time by Christ and his apostles" = [Dave C's opinion of]

"the Christian message" = [Dave C's opinion of]


"a view shared by virtually all Christians at all times and all places with the exception of a segment of late 20th century/ early 21st century Americans and Europeans" = [Dave C's opinion of]

Not, mind you, that it isn't fit and proper for Dave C to express his opinions...

...but that's ALL they are: opinions.

And as those hold contrary opinions are at least AS formed by "Scripture, Tradition and Reason" as are Dave C's, the "imprimaturs" by which Dave C frames his opinions, just GET IN THE WAY, of what is at the root of them.

So, Dave C, what IS at the root of your opinions, anyway? The Ick Factor? Second-Generation Ick Factor? (i.e., "What if my kids turn out...?!") Fear of (loss of) Salvation? ("If I'm wrong about this, what else in S,T&R am I wrong about? Am I not saved?") A General World-Weary Ennui? ("The world's going to H*ll in a handbasket, and you can tell by those prancing along, swinging the handbaskets!") What???



I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Account Deleted

Excellent post.I came across your blog & reading along.Thanks a lot..

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